10-Day Bootcamp

Service Provider Fast Track 1-on-1 Bootcamp (10-Day)

  • One-on-one instruction as your trainer walks you through various CCIE lab scenarios
  • Mock labs that reflect the most recent version of the actual SP Lab Exam
  • Ideal for CCIE candidates needing more in-depth understanding of lab topics

Course Overview + Summary

This comprehensive 10-day CCIE SP training program is rich in detailed lectures, direct guidance from professional trainers, and plenty of hands-on practice with our up-to-date mock labs.

The 90 percent success rate of candidates who have experienced our unique CCIE SP programs is due to our philosophy, providing each student with a personal instructor to guide him or her through the boot camp experience. We are the only CCIE program in the world offering this individual approach. CCIEtraining.com can help you become CCIE Service Provider certified and on your way to your new career in just a few weeks.

At a Glance

Our 10-Day CCIE Service Provider Instructor-Led Boot Camp includes:

  • Our unique “Until You Pass” Guarantee – Your instructor will provide unlimited email support and live support (via WebEX) to assist you until you pass the exam.
  • 8 hours+ hands-on lab experience every day
  • Lectures combined with hands-on experience with daily access to dedicated rack

Course Schedule

Days One Through Nine: Skill Mastery

For nine days, you will experience a combination of in-depth lectures, one-on-one training with your instructor, and hands-on practice with each lab. Your instructor will work with you directly as you focus on full-scale labs based on the most current CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam. You will regularly practice the skills you are acquiring so that you can quickly become proficient and confident in your abilities.

Your instructor will guide you throughout your mock labs, offering clarification and advice on the various scenarios, acting much like the proctor during the CCIE SP Lab Exam. You will be challenged to think and work through each scenario on your own, but your instructor will be there whenever you need him for further assistance until you reach full understanding.

Day Ten: Final Review and Advanced Test Taking Strategies

After nine days of intensive instruction and study, your final day will be spent learning configurations and solutions. Your instructor will provide you with CCIEtraining.com's tried-and-true test-taking strategies that have helped hundreds of other candidates pass their exams on their first try.

Class Eligibility

Candidates should at least have a CCNP-level of knowledge of the topics we will cover in this course. This program is geared towards those who are within three months of their exam dates. The 10-Day Intensive Instructor-Led Boot Camp does not cover introductory-level material.

Start Dates

Due to the one-on-one nature of our program, students are able to begin their course of study almost any time of year. Depending on your personal needs, you have the option to either spend your days of training consecutively or split your 10 days into two parts, with a one day break at the midpoint.

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